Climate Crisis
The Elephant in the lecture hall

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The Elephant in the Lecture Hall

We are in a climate and ecological emergency. Universities must help prepare students for a fundamentally disrupted world, equipping them to lead and effect change. A mandatory climate course across all higher education institutions is a good first step. This course, to be implemented urgently, should provide a comprehensive overview of the systemic causes, consequences, and solutions to the climate and ecological crisis.

We call on all Dutch Higher Education Institutions to lead in this endeavour. Otherwise, the climate crisis will continue to be the elephant in the lecture hall.

Want to get involved? Then join (or start) local groups pushing for climate education at your institutions. A first step is to print the flyer below and mobilize at your institution. Email to be put in touch with like-minded academics.

Campaign Overview

  • September 2023 Actions

    We organized actions at the opening of the academic year at various Dutch universities, also informing Dijkgraaf about our campaign.

  • May 2023 Actions

    We coordinated actions across 11 Dutch higher education institutions.

  • Petition and Op-ed Launch

    We launched our petition and first op-ed.

Local Campaigns

Breda University af Applied Sciences

Vrije Universiteit

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Radboud Universiteit

TU Delft

Maastricht University


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